JAMS The Flava Child Takes Us Back To His Busboy’s Days In “All I Know”

From washing dishes to hitting big stages.

Photo: JAMS The Flava Child – All I Know [Official Video] YouTube

Chicago hip-hop artist, JAMS The Flava Child, shared his video “All I Know” where he takes us to an Asian restaurant where he used to wash dishes. It’s almost as if you’re taking a glimpse of those shitty days but on psychedelics – which gives it a more surreal touch. You know the struggle was real in that kitchen, BUT the rapid bursts of beats and JAMS’ adhesive lyrics give a jolt of energy shot – this is the type of auditory taurine you need to survive the week (and fuck, it’s only Monday):

“All I Know” is from JAMS’ EP The Flava Child Experience, which is mostly based on his struggle working in multiple shitty jobs, losing cronies to drugs, and heartbreaks. Having shared stages with big Sean and Machine Gun Kelly, JAMS will most likely announce new tour dates soon. Meanwhile, you can stalk him on Facebook and Instagram.