Sportsman’s “White Shark” Is Your New Lushful Self-Saboteur Spirit Animal

A translucent R&B version of your love for haute mess.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Recordings

In what appears to be a starry-eyed soundscape oozing a devotion to a romantic interest, Sportsman delineates the self-destructive desire we have for things/people that damage us in his new single “White Shark.” Layered in muted arrangement of hazy notes and fumes of gleaming chords that build a lushful ambience, the track almost deceives you with its melodic naïveté. Just like drugs, it’s seductive on the surface but once you start digesting Sportman’s lyrics, you can feel the masochistic desire:

“‘White Shark’ is about wanting something, even though you know it’s bad for you. We recorded it on Öland. The horizon was this shade of blue and white and Johan said: ”This song should have that colour. And it should take place underwater.”

The single is from Sportmans’ forthcoming debut record Neverland, which will be out on June 2nd. Per Magnusson is the mastermind behind Sportsman, who was also the former member of the Swedish soul pop quintet, The Sonnets. He produced his debut record with his longtime friend and collaborator Johan Cederberg (from Hnny). As of now, he’s preparing to roll out his new work. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram.