Experience The Organic Ecstasy Of Electronic Art Rock With Night Drive’s “Trapeze Artist Regrets”

Hair-triggering groove.

Photo: Daniel Cavazos

With the same static swag of Depeche Mode, Night Drive uses sheer elements of synth-metal and splashy percussions in their single “Trapeze Artist Regrets.” The tension embedded within the explosive beats feel cosmically cathartic – they transport you to a melodic planetarium where the sumptuous structure of the verses and synth-led tune leaves you in pure, organic ecstasy. Stream below:

“Trapeze Artist Regrets was never suppose to happen. We were writing something else for a short film and became bored, so we changed the bpm, started shifting things around and all of the sudden we had this groove we liked.  We just started working backwards from there. The title came first, a sorta metaphor for disaster; it’s about watching someone you care about make the same mistake over and over again and not being able to do anything about it. Just hoping they pull through.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon, Night Drive is a Texas-based electro duo who draw inspiration from sci-fi and modern electropop. “Trapeze Artist Regrets” is from their debut self-titled record, which will be out on June 16th. Having toured alongside CHVRCHES, Austra, Robert DeLong, and Miami Horror, Night Drive is getting ready to hit the stages again. Fly us to Texas so we can see them live:

6/3 – Free Press Summer Fest (Houston, TX, USA)

6/15 – The Secret Group (Houston, TX, USA)

6/16 – Cheer Up Charlies (Austin, TX, USA)

7/21 – Granada Theater (Dallas, TX, USA)

7/22 – Here I Love You (El Paso, TX, USA)