Technicolor Fabrics’ New Single “Tiernos” Will Be Your New Morning Alarm


Photo: Technicolor Fabrics Facebook

Exhibiting a melodic sassy catchiness, Technicolor Fabrics boxes us into the infatuating moment of waking up next to your loved one in their new single “Tiernos” (“Tender”). Using twitchy synthpop and queasy infusion of dub-rock, Technicolor Fabrics slickly taps on a romantic narrative with their unabashedly starry-eyed flair. Lyrically, the track is a zoom-in to all the simple and little details of having someone you love next to you – they don’t need to paint a grand-sized portrait, but simply remind you of the small pleasures:

“Tiernos” is the new single from the quintet who haven’t released any new materials since releasing their 2015 record Bahía Santiago (Santiago Bay). The Mexican alternative group has been touring extensively since the launch of their latest album and they still have more show dates coming up:

5/26 – Katapulta Fest 2017 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

5/28 – Festival del Pitic 2017 (Hermosillo, Mexico)

6/1 – La Glotonería (Queretaro, Mexico)

6/2 – Sala Forum (San Andrés Cholula, Mexico)

6/3 – Festival Anónimo (Mexico City, Mexico)