LYONE’s “Monster” Will Make You Never Join A Sect

Just sleep in on Sundays.

Photo: Courtesy of Reach Sound Music

Athens-based songstress/producer, LYONE, recounts her experience with a sect leader in her new single “Monster.” Capturing the two-facedness of the corrupt figure, she sheds light to the hypocrisy she witnessed. But “Monster” itself doesn’t sound anything preachy (no pun intended) or haunting – instead, it runs on a highly infectious hookiness fueled with piano streaks and gleaming strings that jettisons you to an emotionally euphoric soundscape. LYONE’s wispy vocals pins you right away:

“Through this song I wanted to describe the feeling of being trapped. Unfortunately, I spent 2 years of my life being part of a religious organization. It was the most dishonest, evil and horrifying place. The song “Monster” is about the leader of this place who acted like an angel every Sunday morning but was an actual monster in his every day life” shared LYONE.

“Monster” is from the songstress’ upcoming album Middle Class Dreamers. LYONE, who has formerly released two singles under “Jackie Faraoui,” is originally from Ukraine and has been playing music since 11. The rising songstress keeps a low profile online, BUT we were able to track her Facebook and Instagram.