Lea Porcelain’s “A Year From Here” Shows The Fragility & Beauty Of Mortality

Aging is tough.

Photo: Lea Porcelain – A Year From Here YouTube

Using noir aesthetics, Lea Porcelain depicts the pain and beauty that comes with aging in their new video “A Year From Here.” In an era where everything seems to move in a neck-breaking intensity, the video provides a slo-mo close up to human vulnerability when it comes to time. We see a woman who is surrounded by a melancholic aura whereas her daughter seems to be oblivious of time and staying grounded. Stream below:

“Probably one of the most important and primal challenges for humankind is dealing with age and evanescence. Because humans are mortal, and the days when we are lonely, down and feel that lack of motivation, are the days that we fight against in our everyday life” shared the duo.

Lea Porcelain is comprised of the techno producer Julien Bracht and indie musician Markus Nikolaus. “A year From Here” is from their debut record Hymns To The Night, which will be released on June 16th. As of now, they have festival dates coming up:

6/4 – W.G.T. Festival (Leipzig, Germany)

6/15-17 – Modular Festival (Augsburg, Germany)

7/16 – Latitude Festival (Southwold, UK)