Geowulf’s Video “Get You” Is Bizarre, Classy, Chintzy, & Shiny

There are a lot of things going on…

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK duo, Geowulf, leaves us flummoxed and enchanted with their new video “Get You” – a gleaming indie pop piece glossed with summer vibes and inflated with dreamy fizziness. The video portrays the duo in a set where they are actually performing for their video. We see clips of behind-the-scenes and chintzy-quality interludes that looks like someone recorded it with iPhone 3. Stream below:

“’Get You’ was one of the demos that really stood out and it was the first track that we completed together” shared Geowulf  “We had such a great time working on Get You, that we decided to keep writing together, so really ‘Get You’ was the catalyst of Geowulf becoming a project.”

The track is from their EP, Relapse, which was released on May 31 and including wide-acclaimed tracks like “Won’t Look Back.” As of now, Geowulf is preparing to hit festival stages later this year.