Tall Friend’s “Oates” Captures The Emotional Unpreparedness We All Feel Towards Aging

Growing up is hard.

Photo: Lora Mathis

“I act just like an old man / I eat my oates and I go to bed” are the opening lyrics of Tall Friend’s new single “Oates.” Emitting an air of melancholia with glimmering chords that sound like they are in a Zen state, “Oates” is a fuzzy indie rock piece that captures the pains of growing up. It is an upliftingly sad tune where the humming vocals lend you a space of sympathy and reflection on how you’ve never emotionally caught up with your own aging:

“Oates” is from Tall Friend’s upcoming debut record Safely Nobody’s, which will be out on August 11. The trio started out back in 2014 and have self-released their first EP, Tawl Friend, which lead to various shoutouts from press and growing fanbase. As of now, Tall Friend have show dates coming up:

6/3 – Comet Ping Pong (Washington, DC, USA)

6/4 – The Hive (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

6/5 – Spit House (Syracuse, NY, USA)

6/6 – The Monkey House (Burlington, VT, USA)

6/7 – Space Cloud (Providence, RI, USA)

6/8 – ER (Boston, MA, USA)

6/10 – Sunnyvale (Northside Festival) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

6/11 – All Night Diner (Philadelphia, PA, USA)