Chagall Taps Into Her Family’s Immigration Past In “Aroma’s Haul”

Quirky synthpop.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

London-based Dutch songstress, Chagall, recounts the story of her grandmother who migrated from Indonesia to Holland in her new single “Aroma’s Haul.” Built on sliced vocals and syncopated cadence, the track showcases an eccentric air that seeps into your system and gets you drunk with its hookiness. It has a tinge of electropical element, which resonates her grandmother’s past:

“‘Aroma’s Haul’ is about an immigrant. She was 25 when she made the long journey from Indonesia to Holland and she was my grandmother. It was not until I left my home country that I understood how hard it must have been for her to leave the tropics behind” shared Chagall. “Even though I wrote this song only days after her funeral, it’s not a sad song, because she was a colourful person and I’m pretty certain that all of my persistence in life I inherited from her.”

Chagall is mostly known for being one of the developers of gloves, which is a tech product that has helped her alternate her vocals, synths, and visuals during her live performances by merely using intuitive hand gestures. She has also given TED Talks in the past (of course she has) and recently gave a Music Hackspace Artist Talk at the Somerset House. As of now, she’s working on new music and will be performing live:

6/8 – Rich Mix London (London, UK)