People Can Be The Most Inexhaustible Addictions In Lady Bee’s “Overdose” Ft. Oktavian

When no dose is too much.

Photo: Courtesy of 25eight

Lady Bee and Oktavian partner up in a hair-raising banger “Overdose” to help those individuals who cannot simply flush out certain people out of their systems. Built on a gorgeous and deliberate sonic architecture, “Overdose” keeps your adrenaline escalating to a polyrhythmic tension where Oktavian’s voice pins you into the midway between ecstasy and despair. “Your tongue got me numb, I lose the words to tell myself how much you hurt / But, bitter pill, keep throwing you back” chants Oktavian as the squiggling tune and barrage of beats take you on a euphoric swirl. Stream below:

“Overdose” was recently released via Trap Nation and has already garnered thousands of streams. Amsterdam-based electro artist, Lady Bee, is mostly known for her chart-topping hits such as “Drop It Down Like” and “Return of the Mack.” She has done a number of collabs with other artists including TWRK, TropKillaz, and MR-Vegas. Oktavian is a Dutch producer based in LA who has had two top number one songs on hypemachine in the same week and has written hits for artists such as Mickey Valen, The Him, and Sam Calver. As of now, Oktavian seems to be working on new music whereas Lady Bee is currently on tour:

Europe 2017 tour

6/8 – Ushuaï (Ibiza, Spain)

6/11 – Rathaus (Vienna, Austria)

6/16 – We Are Electric Festival (Eersel, Netherlands)

6/17 – Ritmos Del Mundo (Puerto De La Cruz, Spain)

6/23 – Utopia (Hilversum, Netherlands)

6/28 – Skygarden-Bali (Kuta, Indonesia)

7/1 – Music Dome (Spekholzerheide, Netherlands)

7/7 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

7/8 – Ostend Beach Festival (Oostende, Belgium)

7/8 – Dreamfields (Lathum, Netherlands)

7/8 – Electronic Picnic Festival (Purmerend, Netherlands)

7/12 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

7/13 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel (Magalluf, Spain)

7/14 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

7/19 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

7/20 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel-Mallorca (Magalluf, Spain)

7/21 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

7/24 – Illa Fantasia (Barcelona, Spain)

7/25 – Totally Summer (Melliea, Malta)

7/26 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

7/27 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel-Mallorca (Magalluf, Spain)

7/28 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

7/29 – Bruins Festival (Saasveld, Netherlands)

7/31 – Starbeach (Chersoniso, Greece)

8/2 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

8/3 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel-Mallorca (Magalluf, Spain)

8/4 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

8/5 – Dance Boulevard (Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands)

8/7 – Discotheca Fata (Sant Pere Pescador, Spain)

8/7 – Illa Fantasia (Barcelona, Spain)

8/9 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

8/10 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel-Mallorca (Magalluf, Spain)

8/11 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

8/12 – Dance Valley (Spaarndam, Netherlands)

8/12 – Sneekweek (Sneek, Netherlands)

8/13 – Zandstock (‘T Zand, Netherlands)

8/14 – Illa Fantasia (Barcelona, Spain)

8/16 – Bumpers (Lloret De Mar, Spain)

8/17 – Totally Summer BCM Hotel-Mallorca (Magalluf, Spain)

8/18 – Club Heaven (Albufeira, Portugal)

8/19 – Sjwaampop (Swalmen, Netherlands)

8/20 – Latin Village Outdoor (Velsen, Netherlands)

8/27 – Mysterland (Hoofddorp, Netherlands)

9/2 – Die Nachtresidenz (Dusseldorf, Germany)

9/30 – Klokgebouw (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Asia 2016 tour

8/26 – Summer Sonic (Shanghai, China)