Love Can Kill You But Not Vice Versa In Rain On Monday’s “Kill My Love”

Emotions are hard to kill.

Photo: Courtesy of Rain On Monday

Fueled with arpeggiated guitar over indie rock bassline, Rain On Monday’s “Kill My Love” explores the extreme highs of love where your feelings for someone surpass death. “Stab my heart and let it bleed out / I promise you I won’t do a thing” croons the Swedish indie artist. Soaked with fuzzy atmosphere, “Kill My Love” plays with your heartstrings by striking the emotional highness you feel when you’re completely overwhelmed and saturated with someone. Melodically the track keeps you grounded and don’t send you to extreme notes, but that’s what makes it a meditative piece rather than an explosive one:

“Can you kill my love if I can’t be with you?” Rain On Monday toys with the idea of emotional murder and overwhelming affection, taking us into the old notion of love-and-death in his own eccentric manner. Raimond Nurmilampi is the mastermind behind Rain On Monday, who started his solo project after playing guitar in different bands. He recorded his debut single, “Kill My Love,” with the German producer Thomas Harsem. As of now, he is songsculpting new tunes so follow him on Facebook and Twitter.