Smoking Hot People Get Hypnotized & Party Classy In Tatum Rush’s “Mini Girls”

“My name is Tatum, I came with a Chevy”


Tatum Rush takes us into a private, plebeian-free, house party in his exquisite new video “Mini Girls.” The video starts with two hot French girls waxing before they hit a house party. One of them is actually a Tatumphobic, but converts into a Tatumist after the master himself brings his hypnotic presence. Tatum, who happens to be wearing hotel slippers and some kind of royalty robe, exudes an exotic glow with his majestic mustache. The video feels like a crossbreed between a couture perfume ad and a hedonistic French film – which isn’t surprising since it was directed by Mathieu Caheux in Paris:

“Mini Girls” is a slithery house piece with sparks of disco that distills the pristine euphoria of dancefloor. The compositional arrangements feel that they were designed in enhancing your journey to Tatumland – starting from the initial muted tension that gradually uncoil as you propel into cathartic momentum.

The single is taken from his upcoming album Mini Girls, which includes a list of international musicians including Zap Mama, Richard Dorfmeister, Aeed, Bauchamp, and many more. As of now, Tatum Rush has shows coming up:

6/24 – Fête de la Musique (Alhambra, Geneva)

6/24 – Midnight Party by Accademia d’Architettura Mendrisio (Varese, Italy)