Happiness Is A Lost Illusion In Thea & The Wild’s “City Of Gold”

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Recordings

Once you have a glimpse of “happiness,” you start acting like a drunk person sobering up. Norwegian artist Thea & The Wild captures the sense of loss and lingering after-highs that we get saturated after we have a glimpse into unlimited pizza happiness in her single “City of Gold.” The glistening percussive drips and sputtering synths emit a summery sunset vibe where you need to start accepting the end, but can’t let go. Towards the end of “City of Gold,” Thea & The Wild really pulls our nostalgia heartstrings in banjo strikes and harmonica echoes:

“‘City of Gold’ is a tale of lost happiness, really…you know that moment where you know you’ve lost something you could’ve had, and you don’t really want to leave or let go, cause you’ve had that glimpse of hope and what could have been. Then again, maybe that doesn’t exist, and is just a myth,” Thea shared. “That’s where the picture from the myth of City Of Gold came into the lyrics.”

The track is from Thea & The Wild’s upcoming sophomore LP, which she hasn’t unveiled much details yet. Thea’s previous album, Strangers and Lovers, earned a Norwegian Grammy nomination and became a radio sensation since its debut. She hasn’t announced any tour dates yet, so go follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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