Partying Is Your Way Out Of Reality In Scarlet Pleasure’s “Limbo”

Photo: Scarlet Pleasure // Limbo Vimeo

Danish trio, Scarlet Pleasure, suspends us in the midpoint between partying and dreaming in their new single “Limbo.” Combining dashes of trip-hop, house, and dub into one slick piece, Scarlet Pleasure tempers a stream of pleasure-seeking serotonins with a dose of dreamy moodiness. It’s got a hefty reggae-influenced ambiance with modern pop bounce, allowing you to drift into an unbridled party of hedonistic dreams:


“On ‘Limbo’ we’ve tried to connect the dots between house music and reggae. It’s a song about western party culture, from the speedboats in St. Tropez to the full moon party’s on the shores of Thailand. ‘Limbo’ is also about escaping reality and isolating yourself from the present. A portrait of a generation, sorta” shared lead singer Emil Goll.

Scarlet Pleasure took over the Danish music scene’s spotlight in the past three years with their debut record Youth Is Wasted On The Young and previous single “Deja-vu.” As of now, the trio have show dates coming up:

11/16 – Gimle (Roskilde, Denmark)

11/17 – Musikhuset Posten (Odense, Denmark)

11/18 – VEGA (Copenhagen, Denmark)

11/23 – Skråen (Aalborg, Denmark)

11/24 – Godset (Kolding, Denmark)

11/25 – Train Live (Aarhus, Denmark)