This Is What Spending Your Saturday Night With DWNTWN Looks Like

Photo: DWNTWN live at the Troubadour on June 10. All photos by Sun Jung (IG: @sunofajung)

Spending the night before the Pride Parade at West Hollywood can be the best/worst decision of your life – if you party too hard and end up throwing up during the march, you’ll become the new #Pride meme…and not in a good way. Luckily, instead of hitting The Abbey like basic bitches, we celebrated by spending it with the Los Angeles trio, DWNTWN, who performed at the Troubadour (music venue in WeHo). Check out “Bloodshot Eyes”:

Comprised of vocalist Jamie Leffler, guitarist & vocalist Robert Cepeda, and drummer Daniel Vanchieri, DWNTWN is preparing to roll out their new LP Racing Time on July 21st. Their record navigates through contemporary romance, friendships, adulating, and the loss of Jamie’s father Howie Epstein (former Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ bassist). The 10-track album will come out on the same day of her father’s birthday.

DWNTWN gradually started forming six years ago as Jamie and Robert started songsculpting together. Daniel was peer-pressured to join the band cus he is Jamie’s roommate…just kidding. Maybe. Go figure it out yourself:

Photo: According to Jamie, Robert built this. So if any of ya’ll glowing keyboard, please contact Robert.

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