Matteo Scher – Something Good

Photo: Laura Hilliard

…….EP Rating: 8.3 – Temporary departures……

Matteo Scher is a New York singer/songwriter who has a strong in background in piano and guitar. He recorded his own EP Chasing Stars with the help of his mentor, Alicia Keys, and released it on April 2015. He has performed across various venues in New York City including Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, and many others. Something Good is his first fully produced EP and will be out on June 15.

There is a peculiar form of impressionistic sadness that is hard not to indulge in “New York And Me” – the opener of Matteo Scher’s EP, Something Good. The song bids adieu to the city, but only temporarily. Delivering a rush of catharsis and melancholia through throbbing piano, “New York And Me” feels like an ode/farewell to the creative milieu Scher spent his time in the city that he has become attached. It is a smooth segue to his soundscape where he distills elements of jazz, R&B and pop into a velvety composition.

Much of Scher’s EP exudes a flowy tranquility, including in dynamic moments where the cathartic beats ebb neatly into mid-distance. In “Forget” we experience the rapture of new lovers who have only spent weeks together and despite the starry-eyed background, the track’s progression feel organized and grounded. “I forget that I’m strong /And admit I’m missing you” croons Scher to his new lover who has temporarily left him. Similar to the opener, there is a sense of reassurance that whatever departures he is experiencing are only temporary. It is only a matter of dealing with time.

The most cheesy but sticky track is “Something Good” where Scher deploys a minimalistic approach by fueling the melody with mostly piano. It sounds like a piano-bar song, where Scher’s voice flourishes as he moans for the attention of his love interest. “Deep inside I know the truth / Just because we’re not drunk enough to say how we feel / Is this love / How we feel” he chants, almost insistently. By placing us on the verge of despair and excitement, Scher leaves us in an emotionally tangled space that oddly enough feels comfortable. The almost-acoustic melody and cottony voice frame the sentiments in a soothing ambiance.

“You’re my addiction / My only hope / You save me / From hurting myself” sings Scher in “Painkiller.” It is the exiting track of the EP and by far, the closest to rock. The electric guitar stand at the forefront of the melody and adds infusion of rock into the neo-soul atmosphere. Like the rest of the EP, “Painkiller” emits a crispy consistency of calmness.

Something Good has its cheesy moments (“My only hope” in “Painkiller”), but makes it up by absorbing you into a soothing space to unwind. The flecked guitars and bouncy piano stay within the minimalistic boundaries, letting Scher take you through his romantic and urban affairs.

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