Yungblud Drops The Mic For The Youth In His Video “King Charles”

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

When you blend tri-hop with rock, it’s either hooky af or shitty af – never in-between. Yungblud falls in the former by showcasing his mastery of toying with your adrenalines with ballooning chords, strokes of percussion, and synthplosive swoops in his new video “King Charles.” We watch as the Yorkshire-born artist indulges in a performance madness while chanting for the underrepresented youth. Hit play below:

“At the minute I feel like young people are not being listened to, so music is how I can express my opinions and create change. If we fight, we win” shared Yungblud.

Dominic Harrison is the 19-year-old artist behind Yungblud, who was born into a family of music fiends – his dad was a vintage guitar dealer while his grandpa played with T-Rex in the 70s. “King Charles” is his debut single, which has already earned him numerous radio plays, shows, and festival appearances. You can see Yungblud spiral into rock madness live:

Europe 2017 tour

7/2 – Metropolis Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

7/31 – Shipping Forecast (Liverpool, UK)

8/19 – Lowlands (Biddinghuize, Netherlands)

9/30 – Tenement Trail (Glasgow, UK)

10/7 – Neighbourhood Festival (Liverpool, UK)

North America 2017 tour

7/24 – School Night (Los Angeles, CA, USA)