Michael P Cullen & the Soul Searchers Share New Single + Live Video “Believer”

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

There is a mesmerizing appeal to the raspiness of Michael P Cullen’s voice – it does not stand in the high pitch, smoothness of other artists. Instead it is rough and adds more weight to his words, immediately sinking into you. His new single “Believers” showcases Cullen’s unique vocal prowess that delivers a cathartic intensity to its listeners. Exuding a vintage 60s vibe that feels like a crossover of rockstar and poet, Cullen has a distinct aura in his performance. The slicing chords, shuddering drums, and piano taps yield a smoky fusion between rock and folk. “I have a feeling / That I was always a true believer / But the heart is a deceiver” chants Cullen. The video, where Michael is performing alongside the Soul Searchers was recorded live in Sydney and is the second single of his upcoming EP Live at Lazybones. Stream below:

“Believer” is originally from Cullen’s previous record, True Believer, which he released back in October 2014. You can watch the official video below:

The Soul Searchers are indie rockers comprised of Tim Powles (drums, percussion, vocals), Andy Sharpe (bass), James Harland-Wright (guitar), and Craig Wilson (keyboard, vocals).

As of now, Cullen is preparing to roll out his live EP so follow him on Facebook and Bandcamp.