DWNTN Takes A Surrealistic Twist In Their Cinemagraphic Video “Bloodshot Eyes”

Visual & auditory sugar high.


Los Angeles-based trio, DWNTN, shared their cinemagraphic video “Bloodshot Eyes” where we see the trio toy with reality through surrealistic visuals and motions. Built on ballooning synths and dreamy atmosphere, “Bloodshot Eyes” is an infectiously buoying track that jettisons you to a timeless space. The eye-stunning richness of color and unpredictability of the scenes gives you a visual sugar high:

“‘Bloodshot Eyes’ is written about a time I felt trapped in a seemingly unbreakable cycle, and serves as a reminder that I am the keeper of my own fate. We worked closely with talented director Sean Hollihan to illustrate those feelings though unexpected quirky visuals. It’s unlike any video we’ve created, and I think it’s evident in watching how much fun it was to make” shared vocalist Jamie Leffler.

The single is from their upcoming debut album, Racing Time, which will be out on July 21st. You can follow the trio on Facebook and Instagram.

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