Moxi’s “Figures Bathed In Light” Will Take You Between The Life & Death Sides Of Dreampop

Paranormal dream pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Lydia Reed

At first listen, Moxi’s “Figures Bathed in Light” sounds like a synthplosive dreamy pop that raises the ambiance to an otherworldly level – every millimeter of your body hair goes up and you feel a cathartic rush that flow through your vessels. But once you start listening to it again (cus let’s face it – one time ain’t enough), your brain starts digesting the lyrics and realizes that vocalist Anna Toy is toying (total pun intended) with the idea of mortality. Capturing the thin, crispy edge that separates life and death, “Figures Bathed in Light” radiates that otherworldly glimpse very few people get to live to tell after going through a fatal event. Stream below:

The track is based on a near-fatal car crash that the duo survived. Moxi, comprised of Anna and Andy Toy, have always leaned towards atmospheric synthpop that have dark undertones to it; however, their latest work “Figures Bathed in Light” emits a paranormal air that is enigmatically uplifting and cheerful. You know the track is talking about being close to death, but at the same time it accentuates the survival aspect of the event – making it a reinvigorating mood booster rather than broody piece.

“Figures Bathed in Light” is from Moxi’s upcoming EP with the same name, which was produced by the Emmy Award-winning songwriter Bobby Hartry and mixed by Bryan Cook (Radiohead, Beck). The EP will be released on August 18, so as you wait go follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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