Portuguese Songstress Surma Immerses Us To An Androgynous Ambiance In Her Video “Hemma”

Smeared aesthetics.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

If there were a word to describe Surma’s video “Hemma” – both visually and melodically – it would be smudged. Blending gender boundaries, bleak colors, and ethereal elements with natural ones, “Hemma” exudes a mystical air where there are no concrete lines. Everything is blurred, but the song and setting have substance in them. The echoing chords and throbbing artificial sounds that breathe into your ears feel uncanny yet welcoming at the same time. Stream below:

“Hemma” is the lead singe of from Surma’s forthcoming record, which will be out via the Portuguese label Omnichord Records sometime in October. Surma, aka Debora Umbelino, has been compared to other artists such as Joanna Newsom, Björk, and Portishead for her ability to songsculpt pieces that feel heavy and empty at the same time. As of now, Surma has tour dates coming up:

6/29 – Maus Habitos (Porto, Portugal)

6/30 – Vodafone FM | Interview (Lisboa, Portugal)

6/30 – Popular Alvalade (Lisboa, Portugal)

8/11 – Bons Sons (Cem Soldos, Portugal)

10/25 – Cineteatro Antonio Lamosos (Aveiro, Portugal)