Take A Sweet “Trip” To Swedish Indie Rock With Honeymilk

It’s trip season.

Photo: Courtesy of Birds Will Sing For You

Swedish indie rockers, Honeymilk, brings together a Beatles-esque vibe with a modern breezy twist in their summer-hugging piece “Trip” – a glistening piece of guitar strings and piano drops that sets you in a soothing flow. While melodically “Trip” takes you on an A+ rendezvous, lyrically it talks about how life in general is C+. If you need to pump up your mood from C to A, this is your jam. Same goes to anyone who is planning to hit the road and need a cool, sweet rock piece:

“Trip” was created when singer Marcus Admund and guitarist Nikki Nyberg decided to make magic out of our meh lives. The band, which originally started as a quartet and now is a duo, has been working on its second studio album that will be released sometime later this fall. The opener, “Time Will Kill You,” has already stacked up 200k streams on Spotify. As of now, the duo is still working on the sophomore album.