Toro Y Moi Suspends Us In The Impending Moment Of Heartbreak In “You And I”

Sometimes it’s fate.

Photo: Harry Israelson

American indietronic artist, Toro Y Moi, dropped his video “You and I” where we see him on top of a white piano singing about a heartbreak that is about to happen and he or the other party can’t do much. Chaz Bear (his real name) is sitting alone and looks like he’s delivering a video letter to his loved one. Directed by Harry Israelson, “You and I” has a retro/pastel feel to it and frames the hefty emotional complexity of the song in simple visuals – no matter how painful and deliberate breaking up feels, on the surface it’s a simple (but definitely not easy) process of departure between two people:

“You and I” is from Toro Y Moi’s upcoming record Boo Boo, which will be out on July 7th. The album was recorded and produces over a span of a year in Portland. Before launching his solo career as Toro Y Moi in 2001, Bear played in various punk and indie rock bands. His debut album Causers of This via Carpark Records gained him a wide fanbase and international press spotlight for his avant-garde way of incorporating various genres. As of now, Toro Y Moi has a show date coming up but expect more dates soon:

7/8 – Company Pop (Oakland, CA, USA)