Danish Music Collective OM Debuts Their Ear-Banging Single “Summer” Ft. someone

Time to hit synthpop nirvana.

Photo: Courtesy of OM

With deliberate keyboard taps that quickly smoke into ambiance, OM’s debut single “Summer” ft. someone takes us into a bittersweet waltz where the glimmering synths all throb like a bruised heart. It is party-ready, but also tinged with an awareness of impending heartbreak as the wispy vocals of someone confess in using other people to get over a particular person. It is not a glossy summer pop – OM implicitly taps into the unpolished side of summer romance and the void we try to fill when we cannot have the people that we want:


OM stands for Official Music and it’s a Copenhagen-based collective that gathers many different artists, songwriters, and producers to songsmith bangers for your ears. “Summer” is the first official release from the OM family and features the 19-year-old singer Oliver, aka someone. If you want to learn more about OM, make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.