DWTWN Explores Our Vulnerability To Time In Their New Lush Single “Lonely”

Time feels slow, but also limited.

Photo: Anna Demarco

After taking us into the chest-swelling, dazzling soundscape with “Bloodshot Eyes,” DWNTN shifts gears to a more bittersweet territory with their new single “Lonely.” Layered with percussions and gushing synths, “Lonely” has flicks of country influence that builds a bona fide picture of our vulnerable relationship with time. The airy vocals of vocalist Jamie Leffler buoys us into a rare crossover between exhilaration and ease. Stream below:

“Between Robert’s slide guitar and the extra twang in my vocals ‘Lonely’ explores our country influences more than any other song on the album. It’s urgency and driving nature make it my new favorite to play live. Our album title, Racing Time, comes from a lyric in this song and encapsulates the theme of the record. I didn’t set out to write so much about my constant battle with time and the struggle to achieve my goals, but most of the album deals with those real fears that I deal with on a daily basis” shared Leffler.

“Lonely” is from DWTWN’s upcoming debut record Racing Time, which will be out on July 21st. DWNTN – comprised of Leffer, Robert Cepeda (guitar & vocals), and Daniel Vanchieri (drums) – has already released trhee EPs and accumulated 13 million plays on Spotify. As of now, the trio is preparing for their Racing Time tour and will be announcing show dates soon. Meanwhile, if you happen to be in LA, go say hi:

7/10 – School Night (Los Angeles, CA, USA)