You Can Now Listen To Total Ape’s “More” Ft. Karol G In Spanish

Más simios para todos.

Photo: Courtesy of Deerlily Music

Swedish duo, Total Ape, took us partying all the way to the land of excess with their new single “More” and now is back again with the same track but in Spanish. Featuring the hypnotically seductive vocals of Karol G., “More” in Spanish still delivers the dancefloor-ready invigorating rush and the never-ending quench for excess that dominates our society. Stream below:

“More is all about excess. The old Indian and pagan tribes used to gather all their riches and burn them, just to show off their swag. Today, we as a civilization are still about that life. From something relatively small like people just going hard on the weekend, to the truly extravagant, like Nicholas Cage buying dinosaur skulls for millions, or Mike Tyson in general. The song is really about the nature of human beings.” shared Total Ape.

The original track in English has already accumulated 4.5 million streams and gotten shoutous from major press. We don’t know much about Total Ape…like, seriously. As far as we know, they could be two genius apes ready to conquer the electronic world…or just two dudes who are too lazy to update their Facebook or Instagram descriptions.