Felix Hagan & The Family Portrays Substance Withdrawal Through Choreography In “Delirium Tremendous”

Bedlam of shadows and madness.

Photo: Felix Hagan & The Family – Delirium Tremendous YouTube

Taking us to the dark side of addictions, Felix Hagan & The Family sheds a different kind of light on the struggle to break substance dependency in their new video “Delirium Tremendous.” The video, directed by Andrew AB, settles for simple and prominent visuals that express the mental weight people need to carry as they recover. With dark and sepia tones, we see Felix and the dancers fade, get distorted, and lose their sanity. The rock-infused disco thumps stand between glossy dance pop and dark indietronica. Stream below:

“The song is a piece of dark disco about going through substance withdrawal. It’s inspired by my own journey out of addiction” shared Felix.

Felix Hagan & The Family made their names in the British pop music scene with their highly acclaimed 2015 EP Kiss The Misfits. They are now working on releasing their debut album later this year. As of now, they have various festival dates coming up:

7/7 – Boondocks Festival (Malmesbury, UK)

7/8 – Lowdefest (Hampshire, UK)

7/27 – Refract 17 (Manchester, UK)

7/29 – Kendal Calling (Cumbria, UK)

8/24 – Big Issue presents Street Noise (Manchester, UK)