Patience Is A Party Pooper In Party Pupils’ “Patient”

Best alliteration. Ever.

Artwork: Ananda Bestari

The old adage that patience pays off does not apply to us anymore. Our generation’s brains have been rewired to constantly masturbate scratch our reward center and Party Pupils nails that necessity in their new electro piece “Patient.” Exuding a Disclosure-esque vibe but with their own hypnotic groove, Party Pupils suspends us in an emotional catharsis where we are so close yet so far from having a person. Patience can kill the party:

Party Pupils is the collaborative project between the soul/hip-hop artist Max and producer Ryan. The duo started collabing together in 2016 and has been making waves with their single “Ms. Jackson.” They have a show date coming up:

7/19 – Flash (Washington, DC, USA)