Allie X’ CollXtion II Album Is Unpolished Glamour Pop For Dreamers & Drunks

Uncensored confession of emotions and self-saboteurisms.

Photo: Allie X Facebook

Toronto/LA poptress, Allie X, brings the unpolished side of love, adulthood, and carnal desires into the pop arena in her albu CollXtion II. It’s pop music, but sweetened with dreamy atmospherics and synths that throb alongside her gusting vocals that take us from the heart-wrenching side of love to the emotional drunkenness. Allie X pushes us to the extreme ends of her feelings while pinning your ears with soothingly viral-worthy beats. When it comes to melodic hooks, you either hate it or love it at first; however, with Allie X you either love it at first or grow to love it. Stream below:

Although she is originally from Toronto, Allie X moved to LA in 2013 to pursue her music career. She became widely known for her first single “Catch,” which received wide praises from press and other artists including Katy Perry. CollXtion II, which was released on June 9th, is the follow up of her debut EP CollXtion I (2015). As of now, the gal has a show date coming up in the fall:

9/20 – Badehaus Berlin (Berlin, Germany)