HDLSS’ “Wonderloss” Is Dreamy Eulogy For Delayed Pleasure

Patience is dead.

Photo: Courtesy of Force Field PR

Due to the advent of social media and technology in general, we are now driven more than ever to constantly scratch our reward center. HDLSS (pronounced “headless) addresses the loss of patience and delaying pleasure in their new dreamy single “Wonderloss.” Suspended in an aerated cadence of pop beats glossed with shoegazy coat, “Wonderloss” has an otherworldly feel to it. It is nostalgic and there is an impending loneliness that seeps into you, yet there is something mesmerizing as HDLS breathes into your ears.

“I think of this song as a eulogy for delayed gratification and patience. We are bred as consumers to exist within a space of discontent so we always have a void to fill and within earshot there are tons of instant solutions. We can always choose now instead of later, and I see this in myself, yet paradoxically because it is a modern way of life it is very difficult to shed” shared HDLSS.

“Wonderloss” is from the band’s upcoming album Selections from DUMB, which will be out on August. Comprised of NY duo Far and Wolfy, HDLSS has gone on hiatus since 2012 and is making a comeback with the new record this year. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.