Vaness Alegacy Takes On The Emotional Heftiness Of Addiction In Her New Single “Hoping & Waiting”

Addiction is poison.

Photo: Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

Toronto-based poptress, Vaness Alegacy, uses her vocal prowess in her single “Hoping & Waiting” to unveil the emotional lesions of someone who witnesses their closed one wrestle with addiction. Concealing the emotional wreckage with sparkling beats, the track lets Vaness convey both the guilt and heartache in letting go of someone who cannot snap out. There is a raw flow of despair that you can feel throughout and while Vaness’ vocals have a crispy sweetness to it, it exudes the tense energy of a bruised heart:

“‘Hoping & Waiting’ tackles the struggle of watching someone you love deal with addiction. The song speaks to the impact addiction has on one’s family and friends and paints a picture of what it’s like to watch someone struggle with something so deep and painful and destructive. Knowing in the end, you can’t help them if they themselves don’t think they need it. Letting go isn’t the same as giving up. It’s just sometimes the only option.” says Vaness Alegacy.

The track is Vaness’ new work in two years and the follow up of her last song “Change Of Heart.” Vaness, who was in a rock band before going solo, has been crafting her own style of edgy synthpop with 80s influence and R&B smokiness. You can find the gal on Facebook and Twitter.