Worship The Art Of Jangly Pop Balladry With SPINN’s “Notice Me”

Meet you new pop hero.

Photo: Courtesy of Suntory PR

Labeling their sound as “jangly pop,” SPINN adds their own radio-worthy fare into their soundscape in their new single “Notice Me.” It’s a summer-struck, chill ballad that is drenched with wistful folk elements and airy pop texture. The gliding percussions pull you to a gentle space of laid-back indulgence where you cycle between lush dreamy atmosphere and grounded dynamism in the pop arena. This is what jangly pop sounds like:

“‘Notice Me’ started out as a way to get some radio play. We used to say it was homage to BBC Radio Merseyside because when we wrote it we couldn’t get any radio play, and wanted to be noticed by them. The lyrics are a bit more meaningful, it’s essentially us trying to portray the concept of Hero Worship in a pop song. That’s why we’ve got a load of our gorgeous lovely heroes on the artwork” shared the singer Jonathan Quinn.

Aside from Jonny, SPINN is comprised of Andy (lead guitar & synthesizer), Sean (bass & backing vocals), and George (drums & backing vocals). Originally from Liverpool, the quartet met in school and decided to start a band in 2015. They have already accumulated 50k streams on Spotify and sold out their first headline show in Liverpool. If you happen to be in the UK, go see them live:

7/8 – Verve Bar Leeds (Leeds, UK)

7/27-30 – Kendal Calling (Cumbria, UK)