Leon Of Athens Takes Us To A Slow-Burning, Dream Pop In “Fire Inside You”

Burning emotions in a chill ambiance.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

“You’re moving in slow motion / My heart is beating fast now / A fire inside you / The fire in you” chants Leon Veremis in his new single “Fire Inside You.” Veremis, aka Leon Of Athens, opens up with shimmery string riff that quickly build up as he harnesses the starry-eyed energy, yielding an intricate pop sound filled with hair-raising moments. The swelling chords and whispery backing vocals create a smoky aura that surround Leon as he flawlessly demonstrates his vocal mastery ranging from velvety croons to silvery, buoying pitch. Stream below:

“Fire Inside You” captures the heftiness of time that people who are in long distance relationship must bear with hope. The single is from Leon’s upcoming album, which was produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) and will be released sometime this year. Originally from Greece, Leon Of Athens is an indie pop experimentalist currently based in London who has received praises from major media outlets for his ability to craft avant-garde sound. There is an emotional depth and hypnotic rhythm in his work that makes it irresistible to indulge. His work is the kind of pop that prioritizes the sincerity of his emotions over superficiality while adding his own hooky fare. As of now, Leon hasn’t announced any tour dates yet so keep up with him on Facebook and Instagram.