Feed Your Daydreams With Amethysts’ Ethereal “Purple Blood”

Purple is the color of blood for dreamers.

Photo: Courtesy of B L O C C PR

British duo, Amethysts, takes us into the ethereal waves of aerated chords and breathy synths in their new single “Purple Blood.” For an ambient track, “Purple Blood” delivers enough buoyant hooks that keeps your mind up in the air, but at the same time uses a moderate dose of synths that yields a spacious soundscape. It can feel isolating and induces you into a state of tranquility where the peaking melodic moments withdraw comfortably in the background. Hit play:

“Purple Blood” is the third single of Amethysts, who already gained wide acclaim for thier debut single “My Love,” which garnered 250k streams on Apple Music, 80k on Spotify and various radio plays. Amethysts are comprised of Clarice and Simon from Suffolk who seem to be keeping a low profile (at least online) for now. To find out more about them, see them live:

7/21 – Secret Garden Party (Huntingdon, UK)

7/29 – The Hunters Club (Bury Saint Edmunds, UK)