The New Way Of Love Is The Old Way To Love In Urban Cone’s “Pumping Up Clouds”

Sun-kissed electropop.

Photo: Urban Cone – Pumping Up Clouds (Audio) YouTube

“Let’s move into our old house / Love me this time / We’ll be grooving to the old sounds” chants vocalist Emil Gustafsson in Urban Cone’s latest single “Pumping Up Clouds.” In a novelty-driven culture where even romance is based on instant gratification, Urban Cone has been taking the opposite direction and bringing back the chivalry of romance through their new work such as “Old School.” In their latest work, the quartet takes the same trajectory, but with a more intimate nostalgia where they tap over old memories and notion of home. But by no means “Pumping Up Clouds” takes a retro melodic direction – it’s a melodic trap to the dancefloor where the bursts of synths and kooky syncopations gives a refreshing touch to your summer playlist:

Urban Cone hasn’t announced any new album or EP news yet, but seeing how they’ve been dropping new material, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be announcing something soon.