Annie Hart (Au Revoir Simone) Captures Complex Lost Emotions With Slick Simplicity In “I Don’t Want Your Love”

Less is more.

Photo: Sebastian Kim

Songstress Annie Hart, who is also one-third of Au Revoir Simone, has undertaken a less-is-more mantra in her new work – her latest single “I Don’t Want Your Love” frames the debris of an extinguished romance with simplicity. There isn’t a structured plot, but bits of a relationship where a brief glimpse gives you a history of a dysfunctional love that is becoming parasitic. Breathing through the guitar-led cadence, “I Don’t Want Your Love” is a melancholy-drenched piece that delivers the dreamy effect of ambient synthpop, but at the same time preserves the rawness of Annie’s sound:

“I cut you off, you breathe me back in / Wear me down, weathered gray worn away away away / I don’t want to melt away away away” chants Annie.

The track is from her solo debut album, Impossible Accomplice, which will be out on July 28th. As of now, the gal has some tour dates coming up:

7/16 – Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

7/28 – Berlin (New York, NY, USA)

8/24 – Garden Bar at South Street Sea Port (New York, NY, USA)

9/25 – Brooklyn Bazaar (Brooklyn, NY, USA)