Love Is A Blissful/Cursed Abyss In Madus’ New Rock Single “Through The Dark”

Rock through the dark.

Photo: Marlon Begue

Drive-thru romance can be fun and all your emotions come out alive at the end of it; however, some people are lucky (or unlucky) to become infatuated with an individual who spreads into their thoughts like a viral plague. Los Angeles-based rockers, Madus, capture this spirit of youthful overwhelming love in their new single “Through The Dark.” The track taps into the extreme ends of desire where there is no space for emptiness and easy, instant affairs. Using trad-rock elements and gritty vocals, “Through The Dark” builds up to a searing crescendo of guitar and drum kicks where the expressive lyrics quickly embed into your ears. Although the song is rock, Madus minimizes the melodic excess and finds a well-balanced fluid state where they let your adrenalines run, but keep your mind intact with the indulgent backstory:

“Oh! Never thought I’d see you come in / Oh! Waited all my life here again / Oh! Please be who I think that you are” chants Madus. It is the type of romance that feels like rebirth and Madus flexes their lyrical muscle with an outré edginess that lets them capture this type of idolization adeptly. Produced by Noah Shain (Dead Sara, As Tall As Lions), “Through The Dark” is from the band’s new EP with the same title that will be released sometime soon.

Madus is comprised of Dugan Cruz (vocals, guitar), James Teekel (guitar), Hunter Craig (bass), and Sam Sobo (drums). The quartet debuted their first EP back in June 2013 and have had their works featured in major TV networks (CBS) and films. They haven’t announced any show dates yet, so go stalk them on Facebook & Instagram.