JAMS The Flava Child Shares His Secret JAMS Juice In “HMBS”

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

Photo: JAMS The Flava Child – HMBS Prod. Nedim Melkic YouTube

Listen dudes – if you want to lure your potential mates, Axe is not the key to reach your goal. It’s JAMS Juice. It’s some kind of homemade juice that JAMS The Flava Child designed in his kitchen as you can see in his video “HMBS” (which stands for “heart,” “mind,” “body,” and “soul”). A lot of bootys were shaken as well as a Mercedes was crashed in the process of making this hilariously, chintzy video. While JAMS The Flava Child doesn’t share his secret recipe, the song itself is a mood-booster that jumps from one hook to another. And if you want to order your own JAMS Juice, watch the video for the phone number:

Produced by Nedim Melkic, “HMBS” is from JAMS’ debut album, which will be out in a couple of months. JAMS was born in the UK, but settled in Chicago and has already become one of the most promising hip-hop acts in the city. His success didn’t happen overnight though – at one point, he had to hustle three jobs and lost his best friend to drugs. Ranging from intimate tracks that touch upon loss to lighter ones like “HMBS,” The Flava Child’s upcoming record showcases all sides of JAMS territory. You can keep up with him and order your own JAMS juice on Facebook and Instagram.