Kedr Livanskiy Takes Us To Transcendental & Mythical Heights In Her Video “Ariadna”

Nature is safe haven for the melancholic.

Photo: Masha Demianova

During the first few seconds into Kedr Livanskiy’s video “Ariadna,” you can’t help but think that she might be a contemporary pioneer of transcendentalism. But as her smoky echoes and pointillist beats mesmerize you, it’s impossible to overlook the mythical aura she exudes. Shot in Georgia (country, not the state), “Ariadna” narrates the Greek mythology of Ariadne where the enigmatic and mystical cinematographic touch stretches your concept of transcendentalism to another dimension. The freedom and isolation that nature provides looks like a safe haven for the melancholic:

“Ariadna” is from Kedr’s upcoming record 2MR, which will be out on September 8th. The songstress gained wide acclaim for her EP January Sun, which has positioned her as one of the vanguards in Russian underground electronic scene. As of now, the gal does not have any tour dates coming up.