RAC’s DJ Set In LA Made Wednesday Night Feel Like Caturday Night

Part-time Catstagrammer, full-time frisson deliverer.

Photo: RAC (live) live at The Echo on July 12,2017. All photos by Sun Jung (IG: @sunofajung).

RAC (André Allen Anjos) is best known for winning 2017’s Grammy for Best Remixed Recording and producing his own hitgasmic originals – but what many don’t know is that he’s an avid Catstagrammer. If you follow him on social media, every Saturday is Caturday when he religiously posts cat pics. And while yesterday was a Wednesday, he made it feel like Caturday by bringing his DJ mojo to the stages of The Echo (Los Angeles). From old to new materials, RAC spinned our serotonins and even gave us a taste of his new album, EGO, which will be out on July 14th (that’s a Friday):

The new album is exactly 60 minutes and “meant to be listened to as a whole, preferably in one sitting” according to the cat lady RAC. Before going on a 60-min RAComa, check out photos from last night:

Gotta stay hydrated.

You can pre-order EGO here. Also follow the majestic cats, Bo & Juno, here.