Gold Fir Brings Back The Nocturnal Spirit Of The 80s In “Night Walk”

A nu-retro indietronica.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media. Artwork by Alex Raybould.

Pairing the piercingly smooth croons with a smoky 80s aura, Gold Fir takes us to a sweet night escape in their new single “Night Walk.” Blending elements of neo-soul and lush electronica, the UK duo evokes a spacious soundscape with tasteful ambiance that takes you on a meditative waltz. The wistful undertones and airy cadence create contradictory emotions – the track can feel isolating, but at the same time can feel wholehearted:


Gold Fir is a UK duo comprised of James and Mabel that have already caught the attention of major press and radio stations. The two of them seem to keep a low profile this time, so make sure you keep up with them on Instagram.