Change Is A Hazy Affair In The King’s Parade’s Noir Video “Mother Tongue”

What is right/wrong when it comes to change is always blurry.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

British quartet, The King’s Parade, kicked up our adrenaline with the single “Mother Tongue” back in May and now KP has dropped the video for it. In the video, we see each of the members showcasing their rock’n’roll spirit in a misty, noir atmosphere. Whether the smokiness is a visual metaphor for the hazy territory we step into when it comes to deciding what is right or wrong in regards to change or just a way to make the quartet cooler/hotter, it’s one motherrocking video:

“‘Mother Tongue’ is about realising you’re losing touch with where you came from. You haven’t necessarily changed as a person but your ambitions and ideals have. It’s always difficult to get the balance right between moving forward and sticking to your roots. Ultimately, the person you were will always be within you and it’s important to be aware of that” shared TKP.

The track is from the quartet’s EP Haze, which has gained wide acclaim form the press and led them to various sold-out shows across Europe. As of now, the band have some festival dates coming up:

7/22 – Secret Garden Party (Cambridgeshire, UK)

7/23 – Smoked & Uncut (New Forest, UK)