Meet The Danish Version Of The Weeknd, Vic Shinobi, And His Single “Closure”

Rising Danish artist.

Photo: Courtesy of Vic Shinobi

“Because I ain’t ever leaving ya / I ain’t deceiving ya” rhymes Vic Shinobi in his single “Closure.” With a similar mysterious air and edginess of The Weeknd, Vic Shinobi harnesses an R&B sound that is polished with a touch of post-punk and hip hop elements. “Closure” is built on enigmatic hooks that give it its own radio-friendly fare – the midtempo thumping cadence channels a catchiness that is hard to resist. The choruses are starry-eyed, but brushed with lustful tone that adds a subtle darkness to “Closure.” Stream below:

We don’t know much about Vic Shinobi except that he is a rising artist based in Denmark. “Closure” is from his upcoming 4-track EP, which will be released sometime August. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.