LYONE Teaches Us About Cults & Self-Discovery In Her Debut Record Middle Class Dreamers

Your unofficial guide to facing/avoiding monsters in the woods and life shenanigans.

Photo: Courtesy of LYONE

Athens-based songstress LYONE did not just go through the “starving-artist” rite of passage that many creatives go through – she survived a cult. In her own theatrical fashion, she sketched out the portrait of a cult leader in her single “Monster” back in May and now bares it beyond that experience with her debut record Middle Class Dreamers. To describe it briefly, it’s a pop record; however, the kind that places heavy weight and emphasis on her narratives rather than the beats. Oddly enough, this exquisite darkness and sincerity that often strike as eerie is what makes LYONE’s works hooky. She wants you to indulge in the rhythmic waltz, but also wants you to know that there are monsters in the woods and it is how you respond to them that determines who wins. Check out three of her tracks below:

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