ALKE Rhapsodizes Nostalgia In Their New Glossy Single “Without You”

Shiny gem of R&B + synthpop.

Photo: Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

Enshrouded with wobbly synthesizers and chest-swelling ambiance, ALKE immerses us to the frisson-triggering momentum on the dancefloor with their new single “Without You.” The track is infused with the smokiness of R&B and glimmering pop, letting it burst with eccentric notes that is irrepressibly exquisite. There is an effortless shine to ALKE’s soundscape, where they focus the light on untangling the knot of complex emotions that rise from desiring someone but being independent. Stream below:

ALKE are Jameson Flood (production, guitar, & keys) and AK Karrasch (vocals) who started songsculpting together after meeting in 2015. After performing in Dirty Laundry in Hollywood, ALKE decided to move to Los Angeles and have been working on their own songs as well as collaborating with other musicians. You can follow the duo on Facebook and Instagram.