Bunny’s “Not Even You” Is A Whimsical & Dreamy Taste Of Her Debut EP

Romantically unromantic.

Photo: Courtesy of Force Field PR

Chicago-based band, Bunny, blends dreamy atmosphere with acoustic melody in their single “Not Even You” – a teaser of their debut EP. Opting for minimalistic use of synthesizers and soft twitching notes, the track has a honeyed sound that feels like it’s sweeping you to a sweet, starry-eyed chamber. But the beauty of “Not Even You” is not the eye-shimmering, softness – it’s the exquisite, passive aggressive sarcasm in the lyrics. Once you immerse into the words, you quickly realize that this is not a sparkling romantic song but a quirky one that is stating the opposite. Stream below:

Bunny is the first project of Jessica Viscious who started the band back in winter 2016. The debut EP, Sucker, will be released later this summer and contradicts all the stereotypes of female vulnerability and romanticism. From “Not Even You,” you can expect to find other witty tracks that deliver mockery to outdated notions in the sweetest way. If you happen to be in Chicago during this summer, make sure to catch Bunny live:

8/4 – Lolla Aftershow (Chicago, IL, USA) ***SOLD OUT

9/2 – The Hideout (Chicago, IL, USA)