Sara Hartman Takes Us On A Hauntingly Mesmerizing Waltz In Her Video “Dance With A Ghost”

Choreographic version of Newton’s third law.

Photo: Sara Hartman – Dance With A Ghost YouTube

Berlin-based songstress, Sara Hartman, takes us on a hypnotic choreography in her new video “Dance With A Ghost” where we see two dancers channel an eccentric chemistry through their moves. It is like watching the choreographic version of Newton’s third law: for every seductive move, there is an equal and opposite reaction that follows. In one moment you see the dancers intimately close and then the next, they push against each other. Sara’s lofty vocals float in the borders of folk and pop where the humming chords and dripping drums distill influence of Spaghetti West sound. Although Sara toys with other soft pop elements, the Western-influenced independent romanticism is what makes “Dance With A Ghost” hard to resist:

“A woman from my hometown once told me that ‘this world is going to hurt you enough, there is no reason to torture yourself over things that have already happened.’ After a year and a half of lying around the world playing shows I now know that she was right in a way. ‘Dance With A Ghost’ for me is about growing into independence, that hopeless romantic love song lyric about how there is love in letting go” shared Sara.

Sara, who started back in early 2016, gained wide recognition for her debut EP Satellite, which already accumulated more than 45 million streams on Spotify. After supporting Ellie Goulding on tour, she’s now back in the studio songsculpting new music. As of now, the songstress does not have any tour dates coming up, but expect new music/show dates from her soon.