Viva Ze Bool’s “Glamorous” Is The New Haute Chillwave X Synthpop We All Needed

Mysterious synthpop band named after Stephen King’s work.

Mysterious synthpop act Viva Ze bool has unveiled the video for “Glamorous” where we see a pale young man sing in front of the camera before he gets a makeover. The minimalistic visuals exude a subtle form of eeriness that is hard to overlook – nothing dramatic or terrifying is happening, but the simplicity of it paired with the chest-swelling track is offbeat. Moreover, towards the end, Viva Ze Bool seems to be celebrating an unconventional form of “glamour” – perhaps the dirty side of it:

“Glamorous” feels like futuristic pop and chillwave had a baby, but decided to give it to adoption to a wealthier, denser soundscape. There is a mild air of darkness that is omnipresent, yet the bursting choruses veers you away from the moodiness. It is almost as if Viva Ze Bool is toying with our tendency towards getting distracted with the shininess that is found in the superficial (in this case, the processed beats) in order to avoid that void.

Not much has been revealed about Via Ze Bool other than the group’s moniker is inspired by Stephen King’s work and the pale dude from the video is actually Rory Douglas Speed, who is known for playing the bad boy Joel Dexter in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. You can find Vvia Ze Bool on Facebook and Instagram.