Holy ’57 Explores The Muted Tension Of Cultural Identity In His Dreamy Funk Single “Water // Chrome”

Family portrait.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

London-based singer, Holy ’57, shows us a quirky portrait of his family in his new video “Water // Chrome” where we him, his siblings, and grandma in their countryside home. The offbeat atmosphere and tinkling drops resonate the strangeness that people with multiple cultural identities tend to experience – you never completely fit into one picture and often times feel like an alien navigating through labels. “Water // Chrome” certainly has a cosmic-aura to it, but one that heavily leans towards the foreignism that exists in space. You’re never fully grounded, but the beauty lies within the mystery it emits. In the video, the contrasting outfit between Holy ’57 and his grandma marks a cultural distance, but connection at the same time. It’s complicated:

“I like the idea that when water and chrome come together, they create something dazzling and beautiful when the light hits. And I thought it was nice to think about that being possible for me too, that my mixed race heritage can be something beautiful and something unique in and of itself rather than this constant balancing act of not knowing where I fit” shared the artist.

Alex Mankoo is the mastermind behind Holy ’57 who grew up in the UK with Indian and Greek heritage, often struggling and finding joy with his unique identity. “Water // Chrome” is from his upcoming album L, which will be out in the fall. If you are in London, make sure to go see him live:

8/3 – Camden Assembly (London, UK)