J Fresh Unveils His “Special Powers” With Koder

From neck-breaking choruses to chill-out moments.

Photo: Risky Roadz Presents: J Fresh x Koder – Special Powers YouTube

J Fresh discloses his power as a producer via his new single “Special Powers” where the bombastic choruses of South London emcee, Koder, invade us from the beginning. If we can sum up what J Fresh’s power is, it is his uncanny ability to seamlessly transition from fired-up, earthquaking momentums to Xanax-like chillsphere. Koder’s piercing vocals flows flawlessly from one extreme to another, making “Special Powers” a supernatural hip-hop piece that defies speed:

“Special Powers” is from J Fresh’s The Banana EP, which came out on June 30th. J Fresh, a renowned UK radio host, has already played at a number of festivals and is widely known for being BBC Radio 1Xtra show’s DJ. As of now, he has some show dates coming up:

7/26 – Cameo & Myu Bar (Bournemouth, UK)

7/29 – Salisbury Racecourse (Salisbury, UK)